Christmas Cheer at Chaucer Speakers Club

Monday saw the final meeting of 2015. Chaired by Julie with her usual inimitable style, the packed agenda gave plenty of opportunity for the members and our guest, Jane, to get the voices in gear.

To begin, the assembled were asked to share their favourite Christmas song, which prompted a few ‘tuneful’ snatches of singing. Only a few.

As part of his role as Education Director, Peter then gave a presentation about a new way of supporting members on their speaking journey. Alongside the normal structure offered by the Speaker’s Guide, there is now also the chance to practice Prescription Speaking. 

For many who find their way to Chaucer Speakers, it is to get help with a specific speaking event, be it for work or a personal event, such as a Best Man’s speech or job interview. Now the club can provide support and feedback tailored to the speaker’s needs. An exciting development and one many of the established members were keen to know more about (further information to come!)

On with the night’s agenda and we had two of our newer members, Josephine and Alison, presenting prepared speeches.

Entitled ‘Come Fly with Me’ Josephine was aiming to meet the ‘Mean what you say’ criteria with a speech exploring how people’s experience of international travel has changed over the years. Evaluated by Adrian, the speech passed with ‘flying’ colours!

Next came Alison who was looking to show her skill in speech construction. ‘Goals’ was all about how setting ‘SMART’ targets can help achieve our goals in life. Her speech was evaluated by Val who was undertaking her first speech evaluation – great to see our newer members getting stuck in.

At the helm of the Impromptu Speaking Session was Katy: another first! The subjects themed around Christmas got our member’s hearts pumping and minds whirring: there were some brilliantly imaginative responses. Not only did we pick up some valuable speaking tips, but also some useful Christmas Shopping advice: apparently socket sets and screwdriver kits don’t necessarily make for the most romantic of gifts for a wife!

The topic session was evaluated by Carol, resplendent in Christmas earrings and tinsel necklace, and the whole evening was evaluated by Stewart, who wasn’t.

The club is now on Christmas break but will be back in the new year (check the calendar for dates).

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Speaking New Year!