A Colourful Evening of Public Speaking

Monday evening and once again the Kent and Canterbury Club held host to the Chaucer Speaker’s Club.

Our chairman, Adrian, guided us through the evening with great verve and aplomb, taking on the challenge of an agenda which had been subject to some late alterations and giving a warm welcome to our two new guests, Jason and Umar.

Our first prepared speech came from Val who was taking on the A7 ‘Use of Notes’. Having been able to take on board the guidance from previous meetings, she was evaluated by Suzanne as having met the criteria and given a pass to proceed to the next assignment.

The second speech was an Advanced Manual task. Will was given the choice of three possible topics and then had ten minutes to construct a Showpiece speech. The result was a fascinating insight into his life as National President of the Association of Speakers Clubs, a role he clearly relishes. Stewart had the pleasure of providing an evaluation which was able to find a rich vein of positives to unpack.

After the customary break, it was straight into the topics session. Chaired by Tom, the theme this week was ‘Colour’ and the members were able to provide some brilliant impromptu responses, ranging from Carol and her penchant for gold, to Julian in green underwear!

Carol provided the evaluation and gave some really useful feedback and guidance, especially on the importance of a strong stance and having a solid core, from which the speaker can project confidently.

Our General Evaluator was Brian who was taking on the role for the first time. He rose to the occasion and gave an insightful overview of the evening.

Another great evening of public speaking and a suitable warm up for the Area AGM and competition on Sunday 7th February.