Barry wins club speech competition

Our 21st November meeting had a good turnout and under Stewart’s expert chairmanship we rattled through a full and exciting agenda for the evening. We started with the competition speeches of which there were three, one from Julian entitled “Chickens” a hilarious romp through the ups and downs of owning chickens, another from Barry who implored the assembly to embrace the authentic beard and finally a topical subject of “Marmite” from Rachel. All the speeches were very well received and it was left to our external and internal judges, Graham and Peter respectively, to agree upon the order of merit, it was explained that they had agonised over the result and decided that the winner was Barry and runner up Rachel.  Congratulations. Rachel is not available for the Kent Area Competitions so Barry and Julian will be representing Chaucer.

We were further entertained by A3 and A5 speeches from Emma and Michael respectively who delivered speeches titled “is our jury system out of date” and “one of my heroes” both passed with flying colours. The evening was topped with an excellent topics theme of new words in the dictionary from Suzanne,  which created a lot of laughs and most members had a chance to speak. The evening was rounded off by Phil who evaluated the topics and presented the Chaucer Speech Trophy to Barry.