Carol excels at chairing

Chaucer’s second meeting of the year saw three new members come to the meeting and a light turn out from regular members so a number of roles were doubled up on. Carol opened the meeting with a childhood memory themed warm up followed by the business session from Julian ( President) who was given a present by Carol for his 50th Birthday. We had a great time at his party on Saturday. Stewart delivered an excellent education slot on impromptu speaking (he is a national champion), providing valuable insights. Peter delivered an A6 speech (with emphasis on vocabulary and word pictures) entitled “why go on a pilgrimage?” He delivered an engaging speech with aplomb and the assignment was passed by Adrian (evaluator).   After a short break in the bar, Julian chaired the topics session where all members delivered a 2 or 3 minute speech on the theme of love and hate. Some particularly tough sub plots were given to the members. Adrian as evaluator of the session, pointed out the highlights and improves for each speaker.
The evening was wrapped up by a general evaluation from Stewart who praised Carol for keeping the evening on track in difficult circumstances. 

Our next meeting is on Monday October 16th at the Kent and Canterbury club. Come and support our team’s rehearsal for the National impromptu speaking competition. Julie will be in the chair – contact to volunteer to be included in the agenda.