Last meeting

Cracking meeting on Monday 1st December. Thanks to Stew for chairing in his calm and collected manner.

New Chaucerian Shane ( A1 ) and Mike ( A3 ) and Adele ( A4 ) all gave speeches and were passed by their respective evaluators, Jim, Pete and Paul.

Stew called for those who wished to gain evaluation experience to shadow an evaluator. So all three sat with a less experienced evaluator and, together, they retired to discuss the evaluation before it was delivered. We hope to continue this into the future to grow the pool of available evaluators.

Adrian chaired a novel topics session, which was evaluated by Julian. I delivered an inordinately long General Evaluation!!

It was great to see Julie making an appearance. Best wishes to Mike for his upcoming trip to Nicaragua. We look forward to seeing him back in the new year.

Our next meeting ( the last before Christmas ) is on 15th December. It will take the form of our club Topics and evaluation competitions. Carol is in the chair. Please let her know the part you would like to play. There is nothing to lose, but undoubtedly experience to gain.

Rachel is away at the moment, but she is hoping to collect names and menu choices for the “Not The Christmas Party Party” by the last meeting of the year. So please let her know.

Christmas Dinner!

Having just completed our Speech Competition a couple of weeks ago, we are now heading towards our penultimate meeting prior to Christmas.

Stewart is chairing the next meeting on 1st December.  All volunteers, whether that be, speakers, timekeeper, evaluators, impromptu chairperson, will be gratefully received.

For those of you who haven’t signed up to our “Not the Christmas Dinner – Dinner” in January, please check your diaries. We aim to get as many people along as possible.