Club meeting 16th October

Evaluation was the theme of our meeting. Peter explained the art of evaluation with particular emphasis on gestures. He talked about everything from the importance of eye contact and a neutral position for hands to be ready to make specific gestures, to full body gestures. He demonstrated his trademark dancing, rather than standing still, to illustrate the benefits of awareness of our habits. Other speakers demonstrated windmilling with their hands or persistent creaking of floorboards to reveal the validity of Peter’s tips.

Everyone present had the honour to witness, and opportunity to evaluate, a rehearsal by the Kent Area team for the first ASC National Team Speaking Competition. Will, Michael, Sue and Barry were awesome and gave a creative interpretation of the theme: three piece suite. Praise flowed and we offered a few suggestions for improvement. We all wish them luck against the 7 other teams.

Julie chaired the meeting and welcomed Aaliyah, Ryan and Thade as new members. All three rose to the challenge of giving impromptu speeches on topics set by Stewart. We were helped by his offer of a framework for our responses – answer the question / give two reasons for your answer / repeat your answer. The questions ranged from, ‘are footballers good role models?’ to ‘Is sugar a poison?’ The session was evaluated by Adrian and will be remembered for Julian’s ambiguous phrase which the audience interpreted in a far different way from his intention. Suzanne had the final word as she evaluated the evening as being fun and educational. Her vibrant evaluation of the chair and other evaluators was a masterclass in evaluation.

Suzanne is in the chair for the next meeting on Monday 3rd November – book your slot on the agenda now…

Good luck to the Kent Area Team on Saturday.

Carol excels at chairing

Chaucer’s second meeting of the year saw three new members come to the meeting and a light turn out from regular members so a number of roles were doubled up on. Carol opened the meeting with a childhood memory themed warm up followed by the business session from Julian ( President) who was given a present by Carol for his 50th Birthday. We had a great time at his party on Saturday. Stewart delivered an excellent education slot on impromptu speaking (he is a national champion), providing valuable insights. Peter delivered an A6 speech (with emphasis on vocabulary and word pictures) entitled “why go on a pilgrimage?” He delivered an engaging speech with aplomb and the assignment was passed by Adrian (evaluator).   After a short break in the bar, Julian chaired the topics session where all members delivered a 2 or 3 minute speech on the theme of love and hate. Some particularly tough sub plots were given to the members. Adrian as evaluator of the session, pointed out the highlights and improves for each speaker.
The evening was wrapped up by a general evaluation from Stewart who praised Carol for keeping the evening on track in difficult circumstances. 

Our next meeting is on Monday October 16th at the Kent and Canterbury club. Come and support our team’s rehearsal for the National impromptu speaking competition. Julie will be in the chair – contact to volunteer to be included in the agenda.

First club meeting on 2017-18 season

Our president, Julian, chaired a vibrant meeting.  We were delighted to welcome Roy back to the club and a guest, Jo. Michael, our Education Director encouraged us to seek a mentor for any aspect of our speaking. Rachel entertained us with a thought-provoking speech about the importance of both learning and unlearning. Julie evaluated the speech which was a masterclass in achieving audience rapport. Julian’s warm-up theme had been the theme of Josephine’s topics session so the entire session was impromptu. Her new theme challenged us to imagine childhood activities like visits to the zoo. Stewart evaluated the session, offering everyone praise and constructive advice on tackling a topic and using gestures effectively. Will rounded the evening off with an assured evaluation of the evening as a whole and the chair and evaluators in particular.

See our events page for upcoming Kent Area and National events.

Carol will be chairing on Monday 2nd October – there are slots available for prepared speeches.


Last club meeting of the 2016-17 season

Last night saw the final meeting of the season with a decent turnout for a hot summers evening. initially the plan was to hear 3 new speakers start their journey but all the speakers had to cancel at short notice. Julie, our chair for the evening implemented her plan B. The evening kicked off promptly and the warm up gave members a chance to say what they liked about the club and what they would wish to see change, so a great support for the incoming president Julian.  A guest arrived for his first meeting and made an excellent contribution in the topics session. The business session saw Josephine take her award for the most improved speaker last season and Julian was delighted to announce that the club won the Kent Hopper Cup team speaking competition two weeks earlier so a big congratulations to the team for that.
The main part of the evening began with  an advanced speech by Peter who gave an masterpiece advanced impromptu speech – he choose from 3 topics and prepared a 10 minute speech in ten minutes. He chose “the smoking ban ten years on” where we learned that he was not a smoker and consequently did not have stunted growth. The speech was reviewed by Suzanne and she declared that it was an excellent speech both in content and delivery. Whilst Peter was preparing the speech we had a lively education session delivered by Michael followed by a discussion around overcoming nerves and the “authenticity” of standing still during speech delivery. A range of views were expressed and whilst we all understand the ASC position which, in competition , we play to, at a local level it was generally agreed that we should allow more expression of individuality of style.
After a lively break we moved to topics which was chaired by Adrian  and had the theme of Nautical terms used in our language, some of which are well known and others less so – the bitter end, slush fund, letting the cat out of the bag… Rachel reviewed the topics session and she thought it challenging in spite of being allowed a little extra time to think about the topic before delivery while Adrian explained the nautical origin of each term.
The evening was wrapped up by the new President Julian and closed by Julie after what proved to be a great evening.

Our 2017-18 season starts on Monday 18th September. See our events page for social events and open invitations to events at other Kent clubs such as a Cogers evening at West Kent SC.

Have a happy summer and see you in September.

Chaucer win Kent Hopper Cup team speaking competition

Congratulations to our winning team: Pete, Stew, Carole and Rachel you did us proud. It was a closely fought competition on the topic of Whoops! Commiserations to Thanet and West Kent clubs who we pipped to the post. Speeches covered everything from James Bond to kippers to optimism and many were humorous. It was an enjoyable, entertaining night and  good to mingle with members of other clubs. Thank  you to the judges especially our Chief Judge Paul and the timekeepers. Our new president, Julian chaired with warmth and confidence wearing shorts to balance the formality of his chain of office.

 The topic for next year’s Hopper cup will be ” I don’t care” and it will be hosted by Thanet. Any volunteers willing to step forward for next year’s team to match West Kent’s record of 7 wins?

You are welcome to our last meeting of the season on 3rd July when we will have three A1 Making a Start speeches. Julie will be chairing.