“Chaucer Speakers helped enormously” Jo’s Story

“Six months ago I joined Chaucer Speakers Club because I wanted to become a more confident, relaxed speaker. I had heard about the club from the Best Man at our wedding: he had been nervous about his speech so he went to get support from attending the fortnightly meetings.

My reason for joining was I knew I had an important presentation in six months’ time and wanted the chance to practice as well as get some feedback and support.

I was a little nervous about coming along to the club, but the welcome was warm. I was even more nervous about delivering an ‘impromptu’ speech which is part of the regular meetings but I told myself if I didn’t give it a go now I’d be panicking about it even more next time. Since then I find the challenge of creating a 3 minute ‘mini-speech’ gets a little easier each time.

I was also able to practice delivering my presentation to an audience who was able to give constructive feedback: one of the more experienced members also provided one-to-one mentoring which really helped with my confidence.

I’m pleased to say the presentation went extremely well! It was delivered to an audience of about sixty people – something I would have struggled with had it not been for the opportunity to practice. My presentation was judged ‘Most Feasible Project’ with great feedback from the audience.

The support I received from Chaucer Speakers Club helped me get my breathing under control and to feel more confident: there is still room for improvement but I can already see the difference from where I was when I started.”


Jo’s prize-winning presentation.