Club Competition – Evaluation and Topics

Monday saw the second competition evening at Chaucer Speakers Club.

First was the speech evaluation competition. An important aspect of developing speaking confidence is to gain constructive feedback and providing this is a skill in itself. Every year the club holds its Speech Evaluation Competition.

But first there needs to be a speech to be evaluated and Valerie gamely stepped up to the challenge. Her speech was a fascinating exploration of the symbolism within the design of something many of us have probably never considered: the flag of the European Union.

Paying particular attention were the four competitors, Adrian, Julian, Carol and Suzanne. With only 8 minutes preparation time, they had to create a 4 minute review of Val’s speech, identifying the positive aspects and offering suggestions for improvement.

The second half of the evening was the second competition of the night: impromptu speaking. It was a great honour to have the session chaired by the Association’s National President, William Warren.

Seven of our club’s members took on the challenge and it was fantastic to see newer members (and our guest for the evening Jane) get stuck in. One by one they were brought into the room and given the task of speaking for 3 minutes on the subject of Dreams. It was amazing how a one word topic could draw such a rich plethora of responses.

A big thank you to Peter and our guest judge Graham who had the difficult decision to choose the evening’s winners:

For the evaluation competition, in second place was Julian and in first place Suzanne.

For the impromptu speaking competition, in second place, was Julian and in first place Stewart.

Congratulations to all four who now go on to speak at the Area competition next month.

Our next meeting is back to the usual format so we look forward so seeing you there!

Topics Contest winner Stewart

Topics Contest winner Stewart

Speech Evaluation Competition Winner Suzanne

Speech Evaluation Competition Winner Suzanne