Club meeting 16th October

Evaluation was the theme of our meeting. Peter explained the art of evaluation with particular emphasis on gestures. He talked about everything from the importance of eye contact and a neutral position for hands to be ready to make specific gestures, to full body gestures. He demonstrated his trademark dancing, rather than standing still, to illustrate the benefits of awareness of our habits. Other speakers demonstrated windmilling with their hands or persistent creaking of floorboards to reveal the validity of Peter’s tips.

Everyone present had the honour to witness, and opportunity to evaluate, a rehearsal by the Kent Area team for the first ASC National Team Speaking Competition. Will, Michael, Sue and Barry were awesome and gave a creative interpretation of the theme: three piece suite. Praise flowed and we offered a few suggestions for improvement. We all wish them luck against the 7 other teams.

Julie chaired the meeting and welcomed Aaliyah, Ryan and Thade as new members. All three rose to the challenge of giving impromptu speeches on topics set by Stewart. We were helped by his offer of a framework for our responses – answer the question / give two reasons for your answer / repeat your answer. The questions ranged from, ‘are footballers good role models?’ to ‘Is sugar a poison?’ The session was evaluated by Adrian and will be remembered for Julian’s ambiguous phrase which the audience interpreted in a far different way from his intention. Suzanne had the final word as she evaluated the evening as being fun and educational. Her vibrant evaluation of the chair and other evaluators was a masterclass in evaluation.

Suzanne is in the chair for the next meeting on Monday 3rd November – book your slot on the agenda now…

Good luck to the Kent Area Team on Saturday.