Club Meeting 19th September 2016

Adrian chaired the first meeting of the season, welcoming 3 new members and one guest who all shone in the impromptu speaking session. We are looking forward to their first prepared speeches in October.

Michael gave an entertaining inaugural speech about a Quokka Quest (cute little Australian critters) and Bryan gave a humorous speech entitled, ‘I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK’, comparing British and Canadian stereotypes.

It was great to have Tom back chairing an impromptu speaking session on the theme of visiting European Countries. Everyone rose to the challenge and spoke for the allotted 2 or 3 minutes depending on experience. Time flew so Stew gave a super-fast evaluation of the responses.

Pete evaluated Adrian as chair, Julie and Stew as evaluators and the evening as a whole. He gave lots of advice and concluded that the evening was enjoyable and educational.

Pete is in the chair for the next meeting on 3rd October – download the Chaucer meeting schedule from the Resources page to see which slots are vacant.