Club Meeting 23rd May 2016

Carol chaired a vibrant meeting despite last minute changes to the agenda. Peter gave an enlightening education session on emotion in speeches taking us from the importance of fear and passion in lifting a speech to the emotions of having, not having and wanting.

Katy passed her A6 vocabulary and word pictures assignment with an engaging speech entitled Food for Thought encouraging us to consider what we eat. Suzanne evaluation of the speech  demonstrated the skills which won her a place in the ASC national evaluation competition.

Stewart stepped in as topics chair and led an amusing session on a travel theme. He challenged us to avoid non-words like; things, very and nice and non-verbal pauses (ums and errs). Three of our guests participated and gave entertaining responses. Julian evaluated topics without an um or err and gave encouragement and constructive advice to all topics responders, including himself.

Julie gave the general evaluation and noted some 60 ums and errs during the evening. She encouraged everyone to halt the infection by replacing them with pauses.

Our next meeting is on the 6th June when we will have a 5 minute AGM, a rehearsal by our Hopper Cup team, an advanced speech and topics.