Club meeting Monday 22nd May 2017

Carol demonstrated the art of calm and effective chairing in the face of a fluid agenda. We warmed up with our highlights of the onset of summer with all the windows open due to the heat. Peter I passed his Use of Voice assignment with a speech about Conflict and has earned his Interim Certificate of Achievement. Michael passed his Use of Notes assignment with a speech about using notes which introduced the audience to the 5 cannons of Cicero.  Giving us a taste of what awaits when he takes over as Education Director in June. The speeches were evaluated by Julie and Peter C who offered praise and a few tips.

After a 30 minute break for socialising, Adrian chaired a challenging impromptu speaking session using slang words or phrases as the topics. Our two guests spoke eloquently and on topic whereas some members did their best to diverge from their topics. Julian captured our imagination with a cat, dog and hamster all named Kerfuffle. They could be stroked while sipping tea and eating a Kerfuffle cake. Paul stepped in to evaluate with perceptive analyses. Stewart rounded off with a general evaluation of an entertaining, inspiring and educational evening. Rather than counting ums and errs, he counted 8 ‘things’ in Julie’s evaluation and encouraged us all to use more specific words.

Our President’s dinner is on Friday 26th May.

You are welcome to join us at our next meeting on Monday 5th June. There will be a 10 minute AGM followed by a normal club meeting.