Club Meeting Monday 8th May

I never laughed so much at a Chaucer meeting as last night. A well-executed Chairmanship by Julian, the evening kicked off with business followed by a warm up on favourite flowers, and the author showed his credentials as a horticulturalist…….NOT. Last night’s meeting, held as usual at the Kent and Canterbury Club, welcomed two new potential members, Adam and Alvin, who both contributed to the warm up and gamely gave an impromptu speech.

Club President Adrian gave a poetry reading of “the Highwayman” which co incidentally had been mentioned on Radio Four that very morning. The reading was well received and this may appear as a feature in future meetings. The second speech was a practice after dinner speech by Suzanne who nailed it with only a very few suggestions to consider before she delivers it. The next speech was an A4 delivered by Peter who not only gave a good example of use of gestures but also the excellent use of voice was commented on by the evaluator Rachel who gave the assignment a pass: congratulations Peter!

After the break an impromptu session “par excellence” was hosted by Bryan and it started with a very challenging speech for our national champion Stewart on the subject “what if you were stuck in a blender?”  a tough assignment, and those that followed were also clever and amusing with one anonymous speaker wishing they could become a cat for reasons we shall not go into here. The session was lively and evaluated by Michael who exuded energy and passion whilst giving great feedback to the speakers.

The evening was evaluated overall by our Education Director Peter who gave a full account of the evening’s proceedings who declared the chairs and the evaluators had delivered a great meeting before Julian wrapped up the evening.

The next meeting is on 22nd May, the Monday before our President’s dinner on 26th May.