Club Meeting

We met on 16th February for a ‘pulsating’ ( as the chair commented ) meeting, full of great presentations. The warm up was ‘Has Spring sprung?’, followed by a Business session from President Phil. Val presented her A2 ‘Social Media’ speech and John his A2 ‘PAC’ speech. Both were passed by their respective evaluator, Phil and Paul. Tip; do not underestimate the time a speech takes in delivery, as opposed to rehearsal; give yourself a leeway!! Suzanne performed an A8 ( Use of humour ) speech entitled ‘King of the cats’. Stewart evaluated this as a pass as well.

William chaired an innovative topics session; all one word topics  with the theme around food. All in the audience took part. Also, all of the audience took part in offering quick evaluation points on the speakers; a good point and a point to be improved upon. A firm board from which to start evaluating in earnest. Rachel rounded off the evening as general evaluator. We finished bang on time, thanks to the chairmanship skills on display!! Thanks to Bryan f

Welcome back to Alison, who returned after some time away. We look forward to seeing her at future meetings.