Club’s Speech Competition sees record number of entries

Monday saw the Club’s annual speech competition and a fantastic array of styles and subjects were on show, from gardening with green fingers and a brief history of insurance, to the joy of owning a dog.

Seven of our members decided to pit their wits against the challenge of preparing and delivering a ‘show stopping’ piece. The aim was to demonstrate the wide range of speaking skills and techniques developed through our regular club meetings.

It was especially pleasing to see so many of the newer members getting up, getting involved and getting the benefit of some competition experience.

In his summing up, chief guest judge Graham commented on the successful use of vocal variety, especially the power of the pause to allow a particular point to be emphasized within a well structured speech.

In the end the third place was given to Katie for her speech on her love of gardening. Second place went to Stewart with his speech entitled ‘Humbug!’,

However, the winning speech was from Julie. Her polished presentation was full of fantastic humour and brilliant imagery. Describing her exploration of new activities, we now know Julie is alive with the sound of music lessons, burlesque and aikido!

Julie and Stewart will go forward to represent Chaucer in the Area Speech competition next year with Katie ‘in reserve’. Well done to all the competitors (Adrian, Val, Josephine, Julian).

The second half of the evening saw an impromptu session chaired by our President, Suzanne. Inspired by St. Andrew’s Day, the participants were able to create mini masterpieces against the clock. With no time to prepare, our intrepid verbal adventurers took the audience on journey with their imaginative roller coaster ride of responses.

Our next meeting is on December 14th – look forward to welcoming you all!

Speech Competition Winner Julie

Speech Competition Winner Julie