Congratulations to our speech competitors Rachel, Rob and Peter I

Rachel won and she and Rob will go forward to the Kent Area competitions in Maidstone on 11th February. A date for your diary as support from Chaucerians will be a huge boost to their confidence. Rachel (Train of thought), Rob (Fear) and Peter (Microphones I have known) all gave engaging, audience-focused speeches with humour and a clear purpose. They all demonstrated the art of using storytelling to relate vivid experiences to illustrate the points they were making. Our guest judge commented that he was so carried away listening that he was forgetting to judge. Many thanks to Graham, one of the founder members of Chaucer SC, for his generosity in sharing his judging skills with us. Thanks also to Carol, our in-house judge. The judges comments were very complimentary, reflecting the high quality of the speeches. Rob and Peter’s speeches were also evaluated and they passed their A2 (speech construction) and A7 (Use of microphone and notes) assignments respectively.

Michael gave an education session / A8 (Using humour) speech, The Use and Abuse of PowerPoint, which passed the assignment and demonstrated all the skills of the competitors. He used humour to make serious points effectively and memorably.

Rachel, Stewart and Peter gave glowing evaluations. Julie chaired and appreciated the support of everyone present including Aaliyah who fulfilled the important role of timekeeper for the competition.

Next meeting Monday 18th December– all are welcome. Let Julian know if you want to be included on the agenda. The second half of the meeting will be devoted to drinks and nibbles in the bar – please bring nibbles.