Congratulations to Stewart and Michael

We held our club evaluation and impromptu speaking competitions last night and the winners were;  Evaluation: 1st Stewart; 2nd Adrian and 3rd Michael.  Impromptu Speaking: 1st Michael; 2nd Suzanne and 3rd Julie. Congratulations to all contestants. Our judges, William and Peter, had a difficult task and offered valuable constructive feedback. There was a special mention for Bryan’s use of unintentional humour.

Julian’s chairing added entertainment to a serious evening and helped to calm nervousness among the contestants.. He filled the time waiting for the judges to deliberate with a fun version of twenty questions and gave us an extended interval in the bar.

Suzanne gave a memorable speech for the contestants to evaluate. Entitled, ‘Dancing With Spies in 1986 Romania’ we were taken on an emotional journey with a 15 year old on a UN  exchange visit. The theme was conflict resolution and the conclusion may be as pivotal in the lives of the audience as the trip was for Suzanne.

The topic for the impromptu speeches was Life on Mars. Responses ranged from scientific / fantasy about living on Mars to David Bowie and fashion.

Josephine and Stewart were timekeepers – a vital role for competitions.

For our next meeting we are hosting a joint meeting for all the Kent clubs. William will be in the chair – join us to enjoy a wider variety of speaking and evaluation styles.