District Competitions – March 2018 a report by our President, Julian.

Sunday saw the District AGM and competitions take place.
As always Kent did very well, taking first place in two out of three competitions. But what I’m most proud in announcing is that our Stew won the topics competition. Well done Stew you did us proud. There was some tough competition from other clubs, but the judges gave it it to Stew. Is this history repeating itself?
The standards were very high this year, especially in the speaking competition: I was glad I didn’t have to be the Chief judge. But this was won by Rowena Hawtin from West Kent .
Also, a very big thank you to Suzanne for organising so much of the day and for setting up the venue early in the morning on her way to the airport.You are a star.
The full results for the day:
Evaluation competition- first place Bilwa Iyer ( Wimbledon Speakers Club), second place Lucy Pitts ( Horsham SC)
Topics competition – first place Stew ( Chaucer SC), second  Lucy Pitts (Horsham SC)
Speech Competition- first place Rowena Hawtin ( WKSC) , second ,Neil Taylor ( City of London SC) 
District President Cup was awarded to our Suzanne – very well deserved – for all her hard work behind the scenes.
The Ace of Clubs cup went to the City of London  for overcoming some serious challenges and now flourishing in a new venue.
Competition winners Bilwa, Stewart and Rowena