First club meeting on 2017-18 season

Our president, Julian, chaired a vibrant meeting.  We were delighted to welcome Roy back to the club and a guest, Jo. Michael, our Education Director encouraged us to seek a mentor for any aspect of our speaking. Rachel entertained us with a thought-provoking speech about the importance of both learning and unlearning. Julie evaluated the speech which was a masterclass in achieving audience rapport. Julian’s warm-up theme had been the theme of Josephine’s topics session so the entire session was impromptu. Her new theme challenged us to imagine childhood activities like visits to the zoo. Stewart evaluated the session, offering everyone praise and constructive advice on tackling a topic and using gestures effectively. Will rounded the evening off with an assured evaluation of the evening as a whole and the chair and evaluators in particular.

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Carol will be chairing on Monday 2nd October – there are slots available for prepared speeches.