Fun-packed club meeting 16.11.15

With Julian as the chair for the evening, we were promised a fun-packed evening and he didn’t disappoint!

Right from the warm up the assembled members were in fine voice and jovial spirits, providing a suitable introduction to the evening’s prepared speeches.

Josephine delivered her first prepared speech:  entitled ‘Courage’ she shared with the audience how the daunting experience of moving to a new school provided an opportunity to overcome her fears.

Warmly evaluated by Carol, the speech was a fantastic start to Josephine’s journey on developing speaking confidence.

The second presentation was from Katie who, with her speech entitled ‘Pain’ decided to demonstrate not one but two sets of skills: her use of gestures to reinforce the conviction in her subject matter. A reflection on how we as individuals cope with pain, the speech was a personal and moving account of how she was able to come through a difficult time in her life, through the judicious use of honey, aloe vera and whiskey!

The Association’s National President and member of Chaucer’s, William, was on hand to provide the evaluation which was an excellent example of how to give meaningful, constructive feedback. Not only was he able to convey the many positives of Katie’s presentation, he was also able to provide suggestions on how she can challenge herself in her next speech. In fact, both Katie and Josephine have signed up to take part in our Club speech competition next meeting!

During the break there was plenty of time to catch up on each other’s news, including Will and Suz’s gargantuan 1500 mile tour of fellow ASC clubs. After which, it was Adrian’s turn to take the helm of the Impromptu speaking session.

Designed, to test speakers of all abilities, the task was to take a homonym and see if the two (or three) alternative meanings could be woven into a mini-speech of two minutes. Every member present was able to produce a response and judging by the gales of laughter from the audience, Peter had no difficulty in judging the session as a great success.

Did Julian deliver on his promise of a fun-filled evening? He most certainly did!