Happy Christmas

Our last meeting of the year was a festive occasion chaired by Julian. Julie gave an educational speech about having an external focus (on your audience) to boost your confidence and effectiveness as a speaker. The audience voted the speech a success and Stewart gave an analytical evaluation of the structure and delivery. Julian’s topics session involved each speaker pulling a cracker with him, donning the paper hat and reading a topic from inside the cracker. Most topics had a Christmas theme, Josephine coped well with a surreal one about tattoos. Which politician would you have tattooed on your arm? Our two guests gave entertaining responses. 

We went downstairs to the bar for drinks, nibbles and entertaining conversation. It was fascinating to learn about Christmas celebrations in Poland and Kenya. 

Next meeting on Monday 15th January when we hold our impromptu speaking and evaluation contests. The same speech will be evaluated by all the competitors as they enter the room one at a time. 

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018 to all our members – past present and future and all our guests who have joined us for meetings and / or social events.