Julie’s 5 Tips on How to Progress on the Journey Towards Speaking Confidence

1. Clear Direction

Set yourself a target of where you want to be by the end of the speaking year, whether it is confidence in a particular area of speech delivery, or gaining experience in chairing or evaluations.

And it’s not just about speaking, but also gaining leadership skills, by getting involved with the organisation at club, area, district or national level.

2. Next verbal bungee jump?

Commit first, prevaricate second: put your name down to carry out a speech or role at a meeting and then use the time to explore how you can meet your goals.

3. Read the Speaker’s Guide

It is a ‘tried and tested’ set of resources full of helpful advice and guidance on gaining speaking confidence; a firm foundation from which confidence will blossom.

4. Find a mentor

The club can put you in touch with a member who can support and guide you towards achieving your goals.

5. Become a mentor

A great way to pass on the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from the club: ‘teach what you need to learn’.

For more information, contact Julie, our mentoring co-ordinator.