Last meeting of 2016

A small but motivated group met to hear three speeches, the evening was chaired by the masterful Peter Curtiss. It was to hear the last speech from Emma who is leaving for South Africa and whom we hope to see again in future. Her finale was a strong combined use of voice and gestures on the subject of travelling in remote and cold locations of the world which was passed with flying colours by Adrian  A speech construction assignment by Shufeng was a scientific master class on dimensions 1 to 5 which required a good deal of concentration on the part of the audience but was very well delivered and explained this was passed by reviewer Julian. Fatima presented a wonderful speech on Africa and the perceptions and misconceptions people have of her continent, this was delivered with passion and very worthy of a pass by reviewer Phil.
The impromptu session was hosted by Josephine and everyone had an opportunity to get up and speak on various topics around the theme of Christmas, once more a good deal of hilarity and laughs were had and topics were reviewed by Phil The entire evening was reviewed by Stewart.  We have been fitting in 3 and 4 speeches per session and where practical we hope to continue this into the new year.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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