Scintillating Sermons

Top 10 checklist of what your audience wants from a business presentation

Audience Involvement: some top tips for getting your audience engaged 

Chaucer Agenda Template 2017 to download before chairing a meeting – for security reasons this website will only host it as a pdf document.


ASC logo to copy for a meeting agenda

Chaucer meeting guidance notes – guidance for chairing a meeting or topics, evaluating and timekeeping

Prescription Speaking is speaking for a purpose with a specified objective. For example a wedding speech or work presentation. Audience voting determines whether the objective has been achieved by the speaker and is followed by the evaluator offering constructive feedback.

Kent Hopper Cup Rules 2016 – team speaking competition

Peter’s Ten Tips for Persuasive Speaking

Julie’s 5 Tips for Progress on Your Speaking Journey

Chaucer Top Tips on Endings

Aly Harrold’s website – invaluable for nervous speakers and anyone wanting to use their voice to its glorious full potential.

Impromptu Speaking Frameworks – ways to tackle an impromptu topic.

Mentoring the Chaucer Way 2016

Contact the club secretary for further information. Although Mentoring the Chaucer Way is informal, some of our members have professional experience as mentors.