Monday’s Meeting

Monday’s meeting, chaired by Val, was a fantastic evening with plenty of laughter throughout.

As our Facebook page guardian, Val was keen to encourage members to visit the page and get involved.

The Education Session was led by Julie, who gave us her 5 tips on how to progress on the journey towards speaking confidence.

We then had one of our newer members take on his second assignment. Entitled ‘Fear’ Roy shared with the audience his personal reaction to joining the speakers club and how he is learning to control the fear.

His speech was evaluated by Stewart and was given the ‘thumbs up’ as Roy is already showing a natural ability to communicate his ideas to the audience.

Our second prepared speech came from Josephine and was all about exams – another cause of fear for some people! Josephine was practicing her use of gestures, which include her brilliant smile throughout. Carol’s evaluation gave Josephine some useful feedback, especially around using the lights to as a way of guiding the timing of the presentation.

After a brief break in the bar to catch our breath, it was back for the Impromptu Session, chaired by Brian. He used a bag of mystery items as a way of sparking the creative juices and the audience were treated to some fabulous responses to such seemingly prosaic items: who knew a travel adaptor was a metaphor for life, and a humble padlock could be a thing of beauty? Even our guest for the evening, Peter, got involved, with a brilliant topic speech on the enduring value of the pen. First rate all round.

Our evening’s evaluators, Peter and Adrian, provided the closing feedback and judged the meeting to have been a great success.