‘Snow’-Stopping speeches at Monday’s meeting

Despite the chilly evening, a good number of the Chaucer membership turned out and it was especially pleasing to welcome Phil back after his health scare over the previous weekend: great to see him on the road to recovery.

There was plenty to enjoy at the meeting, chaired with a firm hand from Carol.

Our Education Director, Peter, delivered an excellent session on ’10 tips on Persuasive Speaking’ (follow the link for more information).

We then had two prepared speeches to enjoy. First up was Brian with his wry observations on how the two great nations of Canada and Canterbury deal with that pesky precipitation: snow. There were some great images conjured: we could all recognise the Brits’ panic buying essential supplies at the first sign of the white stuff.

Next came Adrian’s ‘whine’ about wine: a speech packed with mouth-watering wit and sumptuous humour, along with subtle hints of bramble, blackberry and boysenberry.

After the break, Val chaired the impromptu session. Based around the theme of nursery rhymes, the aim was to reconnect with our inner child, let our inhibitions go and speak with confidence – and it certainly led to some excellent responses: who knew Julian’s grandmother was Old Mother Hubbard?!

Our next meeting is on Monday the 21st – snow storms permitting…