Vibrant start to our speaking year on 21st September 2015

Suzanne chaired  a fun meeting for 13 of us. John was the star of the evening as first-time timekeeper because our lights are still on holiday in Deal, he had to improvise with 2 high visibility vests and a warning triangle.

Impromptu lighting system in action

Impromptu lighting system in action

Val passed her Use of Voice assignment with a speech about hidden persuaders. Julian passed his Audience Rapport by persuading us to make a will and keep it updated. Congratulations to both of them – plenty of slots are available for your next prepared speech.

In our education slot we learnt how to cheat at impromptu speaking; 1. repeat the title of the topic while you think ahead ready to 2. say positive things about the topic while you think ahead to 3. say negative things about it as you plan 3. a summary of your point of view and memorable conclusion. And fake looking confident.

Stewart ran an eclectic impromptu speaking session. The new members and guests all spoke entertainingly for 2-3 minutes – congratulations to Josephine whose previous personal best was 1 minute 15 seconds. The challenges to experienced members led to creative responses. The response to ‘Actions speak louder than words’ was for the speaker to ask each member to name an emotion which she then mimed.

Our evaluators offered sincere encouragement, gave constructive advice and used the opportunity to help everyone improve their presentation skills. Maureen said it was as though a rule book had been thrown away and we were now free to enjoy our speaking.

We are delighted that Sue from West Kent (ASC national speech contest finalist) will be visiting us on 2nd November, her 45 minute session on Overcoming Anxiety and Performing’ will involve active participation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next meeting on 5th October – there are still slots for members to fill – Julie will be giving a speech on stretching your speaking comfort zone.